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Consultancy projects

Consultancy projects

Consulting projects are carried out on a proprietary basis and usually subject to a confidentiality agreement preventing AIS from working in the same field for a specified period.

Benefits of hiring Rod Parker include:

Over twenty years experience of the pest control industry Access to in-house databases on crop pests and crop pesticide use Network of contacts and consultants hired by AIS in over thirty countries Experience of challenging or complementing client's in-house thinking Proven ability to look ahead on the future of pest control Experience of finding and managing teams of specialists

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Recent Projects

Scope Subject Clients Result
ISRAEL Soil covering with sprayed latex US & Israeli companies Under evaluation
JAPAN Introduction of vegetable insecticide US chemical company Market niche identified
FRA,GER,UK Evaluation of novel cereal herbicide Japanese oil company More development
EU,USA Investigation of pheromone industry Italian company Advised against acquisition
EU,USA Evaluation of new fungicides Italian company Market niches found
WORLD Strategic study US intermediates Co Pricing policy changed
EU Agrochemicals pricing Australian government Pricing legislation reformed
EU Acquisition in horticultural chemicals Japanese company Acquisition successful
WORLD Virus control: potential business US company R&D strategy determined
WORLD Maize diseases: opportunities US maize seed producer Business plan implemented
EU,USA Potential de-registration of an a.i. European chemical Co Defence strategy formed
WORLD Future market for herbicides Japanese company Production started