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We now own ‘The Crop Protection Directory’.
AIS ExperienceIn addition to its UK-based consultants, AIS has working relationships with local consultants all over the world. More
Non-crop pesticide useAIS has transferred its non-crop business to GfK Kynetec.
Our services We specialise in providing information and consultancy to the industries supplying inputs to agriculture. More
pest databaseThe AIS World Pest Database was started in 1988 to improve, quantify and make accessible information on weeds, insects, diseases and other pests of agricultural and horticultural crops. New Update and Projection Underway.  More Consultancy projects Consulting projects are carried out on a proprietary basis and usually subject to a confidentiality agreement preventing AIS from working in the same field for a specified period. More
our clientsOur client list is extensive and there aren’t many companies in the world agricultural business that we haven’t worked with. More