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The Crop Protection Directory was launched as an independent publication by Elaine Warrell and Anne Kirkwood in 1997 and has so far appeared in two UK and two International Editions.    Following their retirement, the publication has been acquired by Agricultural Information Services.

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The International Edition is the only publication that covers all parts of the crop protection industry across the world and tells you 'who does what' in over 2,600 organisations from agrochemical companies to research institutes, donor agencies and others in mainstream crop protection.

We are keeping everything that's made it a respected publication.
In addition, from now on it will provide:



The Crop Protection Directory covers crop protection in its widest sense -

Each of these specialisations has its own sections covering:

Another complete section is devoted to information sources including scientific societies, market research, commercial and academic journals and regular international conferences.

The Crop Protection Directory is designed for quick access to information. Each entry includes a brief description of the company, organisation or consultant concerned, as well as contact details.

An organisation that appears in more than one section has a main entry with details of all its crop protection interests and a shorter entry on particular specialisations in other appropriate sections. The Crop Protection Directory can thus be used to find organisations operating in particular areas of the industry, or by using the main entry, to check a company's or organisation's overall interests in crop protection.

Entries are succinct and informative: an example is given below. The directory is well indexed and cross-referenced and includes acronyms and abbreviations.



FMC Corporation 1735 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA
Tel: +1 215 299 6000
Fax: +1 215 299 6468
Contact: Agricultural Products Group
Vice President and General Manager Agricultural Products Group: Mr. Milton Steele.
International discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing company. One of the world's leading agrochemical companies . Particularly strong in insecticides where research efforts are centred. Also work within a number of collaborations in discovery research. Major research centre in Princeton, New Jersey. Markets include North America (39%), Latin America (24%), Asia Pacific (23%), and Europe, Middle East, Africa (14%).
FMC Europe, NV, Brussels, Belgium is the corporate centre responsible for FMC agrochemical business in Africa, Europe and Middle East. Latin America sales are based in Campinas, Brazil; Asia Pacific sales are based in Hong Kong. Joint ventures in China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia. Joint owners with Nufarm of former Agrolinz Melamin crop protection distribution organizations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Director of Discovery: Dr. Anne Orth; Director of Development: Mr. Len McMullen; Herbicides and Product Acquisitions Director: Mr. Stefan Fry; Insecticides and Specialty Products Director: Mr Jim Collins.



The Third International Edition of The Crop Protection Directory is available in printed format - one copy per subscription issued in November 2004.


From time to time we all need to know 'who does what' and The Crop Protection Directory is your one-stop publication that provides the answers - and keeps up to date with a fast changing industry all around the globe.



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