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Updated on 14 May 2013



June 2013: Munich - AIS in conjunction with Xenex Associates will organise

a European Summit for Beyond-Agriculture within Chemspec Europe.

March 2013: AIS with Xenex`Associates put on the 3rd successful Beyond

Agriculture Seminar in Shanghai in conjunction with CCPIT.   

Many Chinese companies attended the day-long programme which featured

four internationally known speakers, plus four leaders from the Chinese

pesticide industry.

April 2011: AIS in conjunction with AgIndustries Research & Consulting

of Merced, California has just completed the latest update of

AgIndustries' global benchmark study of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers.




AIS announces that it has transferred all its non-crop market

research and consulting acitivities to GfK Kynetec



April 22nd 2010

Agricultural and Animal Health Market Research Leader GfK Kynetec Announces Acquisition of

Non-Crop Business of Agricultural Information Services

Acquisition enables GfK Kynetec to leverage and expand AIS’

data to launch new global non-crop study, sigmaNC™


For further details see Non-Crop Pesticide Use section


AIS will continue its other activities



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The Crop Protection Directory, the well-established ‘who’s who’ on the international crop protection scene, has been bought by market research company, Agricultural Information Services Limited (AIS), London, UK.

New owner, Rod Parker, says: ‘We have been looking to extend our interests beyond the provision of consultancy and data on pests and diseases and their control for some time. A publication like The Crop Protection Directory, with its information on all the major international players in both the public and the private sector, takes us closer to users of our data. Equally, AIS has an extensive network of researchers around the world who can help us ensure that this valuable information source is kept up to date for subscribers.

AIS has the facilities and expertise to maintain an on-line version of the directory. This, and the third hard copy international edition were published in November 2004. The current edition (ISBN 0-9513330-5-4) contains information on 2,600 companies, organisations and consultants operating internationally from over 100 countries.’

Founding editor and publisher, Elaine Warrell, stayed with the team until early 2004 to assist in the launch of the next edition. ‘I am delighted that AIS is to carry on with The Crop Protection Directory project, and particularly with the move to make it into an internet product so that it can become even more widely used,’ she commented.

Further information contact Rod Parker
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7371 8913



17 years after launching the world's first quantitative global pest database, AIS is carrying out its latest update of infestation and loss data in 16 countries for 2005...............PLUS projecting expected top 10 weeds, insects and diseases for each crop in each country to the year 2010.    This is specifically designed for use by pesticide and biotechnology companies that are faced with ever increasing costs of developing new molecules and plant traits.   

In the past, many pesticides have been taken through the development process, only to disappoint in terms of sales.   One of the major reasons for this has been the difficulty of anticipating infestation trends.   A molecule that provided a significant advance over existing products at the time of discovery, has to undergo 10 years of development, during which the target pest may have changed so that the molecule is no longer as good a solution as at the time of discovery.    The AIS programme is designed to give an 'over the horizon' view of expected changes in infestation - specifically to assist the development of new molecules.

Further information contact Rod Parker
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7371 8913