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AIS Experience

AIS Experience in the Agricultural industry

In addition to its UK-based consultants, AIS has working relationships with local consultants all over the world.

Rod Parker

Rod Parker has worked on pesticide use, pests and animal health for over 20 years.

Global Network of Research

In addition to its UK-based consultants, AIS has working relationships with local consultants in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China (PRC), Colombia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal, Scandinavia, S. Africa, S. Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam and the USA.

Our policy is to use local consultants wherever possible as experience has proved this to be the best way of conducting studies through:

  • Better access to information
  • Higher quality of work
  • Increased flexibility
  • Greater speed of reaction and competitive costs.

Client Liaison

A close and attentive relationship with clients is essential to sustaining and developing the business. Each client is visited at least once a year, in addition to other meetings at conferences such as ESOMAR, AgChem Forum and BCPC at Glasgow.

Once a year AIS organises a group meeting of its clients to review progress of current work, discuss plans for the coming year and to facilitate interaction between AIS and its clients as a group.    In May 2005 the meeting was over 3 days at Sevrier near Annecy in France.

Key Personnel

Rod Parker

Rod Parker formed Agricultural Information Services in 1988 to build the first global data base on infestation and damage problems due to weeds, insects and diseases in agricultural crops. From the start it was designed as a business tool to enable companies to produce better inputs for the control of pests. This includes information supply and consultancy services. It tracks the development of pests in terms of infestation, and reveals the drivers at work. This in turn enables companies to better judge if a particular pest is likely to become a more serious problem in the future - on what that process depends, and to match it to their resources. The company has now expanded to offer complementary services in agricultural crop pesticide use data as well as non-crop pesticide use.

Prior to setting up AIS, he managed market development and research programmes for the Battelle Memorial Institute in Europe for 11 years. He qualified as an agricultural economist from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England, and then worked on agriculture and food industry projects in developing countries for four years for Minster Agriculture before joining Battelle. As well as his native English, he is fluent in French. He has authored numerous articles in British, French and Spanish journals.

Morag Webb

After taking her B.Sc. in applied ecology at Bradford University and an M.Sc. at Imperial College in weed science, Morag worked for May and Baker (part of R-P, now Bayer), and then did research in grasslands for the Ministry of Agriculture in the Chief Scientist's group before joining the British Government's overseas aid organization ODA where she spent seven years on long term projects in Bolivia, Mali and Uganda. In addition, she worked with Agricultural Information Services on the pest infestation program as well as weed research at Long Ashton Research Station, UK.

Lewis H. Knickerbocker, Jr

Founder of Directed Research, the corporation with which AIS has worked since 1992 on the Global Non-Crop Programme. Lew started Directed Research in November 1990 upon his retirement as Market Research Manager at American Cyanamid Company, where he was responsible for all agricultural market research. He has chaired committees for the American Crop Protection Association, Animal Health Institute, and American Marketing Association.

Prior to joining Cyanamid in 1980, Dr. Knickerbocker was a Vice President at Opinion Research Corporation. From 1973 to 1977, he was a member of the faculty at St. John Fisher College, and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Before that, he was with the United States military. Dr. Knickerbocker attended the United States Military Academy, The Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Maryland. Besides English, he has a knowledge of French.